Making your Airtable data safe

We backup your Airtable workspaces
to secure things that matter

Desktop Airtable interface.

Secure things that matter

Would you be able to keep your business running if you lost access to Airtable tomorrow morning?

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Crucial data

Your most important data are stored in Airtable: customers, activity, strategy, etc.

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Critical risk

Mistakes can happen: deleting an access, forgetting to renew a license: 0 risk don’t exists.

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Don’t depend on Airtable

Don't let your business, your studies or your life depend on Airtable, mitigate the risk.

We backup every piece of data in a secure vault

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Automated backups, simple as that

Connect your workspaces to Airtable Time Machine and that's it! We'll take care of backing up all your data at regular intervals, and alert you if an error occurs.

High-level safety and resilience

Airtable Time Machine encrypts all backups and exchanges between Airtable APIs and our system. We offer AES-256 encryption for all backups, making it impossible for us to decrypt them, even by us.

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Manage backups, restore data anytime

Thanks to the administration portal, you can define your backup and data retention strategies. In the blink of an eye, you can view your backups, go back in time and restore older versions.

Our plans

No commitments or hidden costs,
we have plans for everyone!

Join Airtable Time Machine beta!

Be the first to benefit from access to Airtable Time Machine by joining the waiting list.

We will only use your email address to send you the early access notification. Please contact-us for any data deletion request.

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Can I save the backups on my own storage?

Backup to your own storage will be available in autumn 2023. We plan to make it possible to export data to Google Drive. In the meantime, you should know that Airtable Time Machine hosts your data in a fully encrypted (AES 256) manner, making all your data unreadable, even by us.

Where are backups hosted?

Backups are hosted at AWS on S3 spaces, fully encrypted using the AES 256 algorithm.

Is there any limit on the number of backups?

No, Airtable Time Machine does not limit the number of backups. You can keep as many backups as you want, for as long as you want. We will soon offer the possibility to define a retention policy to automatically delete backups after a certain period of time.

Who's behind the project?

Airtable Time Machine is developed by Creastel Labs, a project led by Grégoire Thibaud and Jean Haberer. Don't hesitate to contact us.